When the dream has you and you just do what needs to be done

Having met Chay today I feel deeply convinced – again – that after all there is more that unite us as human beings than set us apart. As long as we look for those opportunities to build bridges and move closer. Relating and resonating.

I saw a brief motivational video on youtube the other day that suggested that Martin Luther King did not have a dream – the dream had him! And I revisited that thought after today’s conversation about wanting to do something so badly that it keeps you busy almost 24/7. You are so driven from the inside that you find that extra capacity in you – whether it be night after night of writing and getting no sleep or finding that extra piece of bravery – to just go ahead and do what needs to be done.

We spoke about work, life and aspirations. What inspire us and how we want to make a difference in this world. And we spoke about love. Relationships. Relating. Nuclear connections and profound friendships. And today I just feel so grateful and at peace. Today I trust that the world will be all right. That we will all be all right. As long as we stay open minded. As long as we listen with curiosity and ask questions. Wanting to understand. Not necessarily agree, but wanting to and trying to understand.

Thank you Chay, for saying yes to my invitation, for good conversations and for being yet another source of joy in my life today!



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