Hooray for beginner’s mind

Today I leave space for pictures of the beautiful scenery at Lands End, and cheer a big hooray for each and every time in our lives we take courageous steps into the unkown and give ourselves the opportunity to approach life with a beginner’s mind.

These important reminders are part of what we talked about today – as a beginner to first and foremost:

  • Remember to not push yourself based on how and what you normally accomplish but be patient, and honor yourself for having taken a bold and courageous step in your life – allowing yourself to once again be a beginner at something.
  • Remember to savor the joy of all the things you learn when you’re a beginner, instead of making yourself wrong for all the things that don’t turn out the way you would’ve wanted them to.
  • Be ready to put your ego aside, re-evaluate your “identity” and be curious to explore what can also unfold.

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En mening om “Hooray for beginner’s mind”

  1. Yeah – big hooray for beginners mind, and some times it even makes you feel like turned back to your 20es.
    To walk with a stranger was surprising interesting. When you walk you get inspired of so many things and it is easy to find many good subject to discuss or just enjoy moments of silence….

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