Juggling the questions of life

One beautiful, sunny day in San Francisco I had the honor of spending a couple of hours with Katrine whom I had never met before.

In most areas of our lives we differ. Different age, different life situation, different family situation, different professional background, and so forth, yet at the same time, we both struggle – or maybe juggle – with existential questions that all tend to lead to the big who-am-I-question. What defines me? What determines my path? Which kind of life do I want to contribute to and create for myself? And I guess the juggling – as opposed to struggling – comes from most of the time finding some sort of joy and maybe even playfulness in wandering off into these considerations. At least for me. Always the questioning and the fine tuning – for better or worse…


We spoke about the fear of settling in. Feeling too content. Being satisfied, and missing out on a potential for growth. An opportunity to create “more” – more joy most of all. Maybe an innate fear of not living fully. And therefore always being on the move. Yet, also considering the possibility that maybe all of this soul searching and moving around – physically or mentally – may eventually lead to the same result, that other people are wise enough to pick as their first choice. Because maybe the path that most people follow is composed the way it is because it reflects what make most of us happy: close relationship(s), a home of one’s own, education and maybe some kids. Or?

Both of us being “strangers” in San Francisco we also talked about sometimes feeling lonely and acknowledging the need to be part of a community. The need to connect and belong. In one way being inspired and motivated by the opportunity to create new friendships in this amazing city, yet at the same time being drawn towards that which is already known to us. Finding your tribe. Driven by that which defines you more than anything else. Or maybe simply gives you comfort when far away from home. Whatever that is…


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